The power of platforms and the community

Do you remember 20 years ago?

There were no smartphones but portable cellphones with keys, Nokia was the master of the market and Apple only made computers.

Everything changed when in 2007 Steeve Jobs presented the first iPhone a Smartphone without keys. At first the surprising thing was only its design, otherwise it did not seem different from the old Nokia phones.

The same year, Nokia introduced a wide range of various cell phone models.

Still in 2007 Nokia was the master of the market, but exactly 1 year later, Apple was the new master. Do you want to know why?

The birth of platforms

Inside the first iPhone, in addition to the ability to navigate, the AppleStore was created, a web platform where on one side there are the application programmers and on the other side the iPhone users.

Users can purchase and download applications while programmers can put them on sale.

In 2008 there were almost 1 million applications and thanks to this the iPhone had become much more useful and customizable than Nokia.

The power of the platforms

After the case of the apple store many others have taken an example and different types of platforms have been born.

Uber, a platform that allows anyone to work as a taxi driver.

AirBNB a platform that allows you to rent rooms occasionally as if you were a hotel owner.

Amazon a platform that allows you to sell and buy.

Needless to talk about numbers, today after a few years the platforms that I have just mentioned are part of our life and our present.

There is another detail, however, that gives the platforms strength, without this they are worth nothing and would have no potential in the market.

The importance of the community

Amazon today offers exceptional service, but when it was launched, people were afraid to buy on the internet, giving money before receiving the product.

Its success came only thanks to the community that bought products and then in the comments they showed photos of the product reassuring other users to buy.

The "feedback" was born, (when you comment leaving an opinion on the product) in this way people's trust has increased, and the platform has crowded up to the incredible levels of today.

The MyCOM platform and community

MyCOM wants to help society live a better economic life, and to do so it has decided to exploit the potential of digital platforms.

Within our platform you will have access to a futuristic economic system that makes use of the most advanced financial technologies and makes them available to you for free.

The MyCOM community is made up of shopkeepers and businesses, but above all people and families, so our platform allows access to all members of society.

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