Does sharing make business sense?

Years ago I learned an important lesson that changed the way I see the world. I had worked as a financial advisor and joined a group of professionals who were making a lot of money. Quickly, I discovered that I didn't feel right about the business practices. What they were doing wasn't wrong per se, but it didn't feel right either, at least to me. In their minds, they were there to make money and made sales that allowed them to earn the most commissions even if the product wasn't the best option for the client. These clients were often people in retirement and nearing retirement and would depend upon their investments for everyday living. These were often hard working normal people who didn't earn much so everything they saved mattered highly to them.

I couldn't do it. I couldn't allow them to make less just so I can make more. So I searched for others who maybe shared my way of thinking. I met the provider of financial products to the company where I had worked. The owners philosophy was different and more similar to what I hoped was possible to offer in this industry. He was generous. He focused on making others do well first. He didn't worry about making the most on every deal but making sure others did well and that he could also be ok. He focused on the win-win. I was amazed at how many clients he had and how many advisors actually sold his products. His business was growing fast into the hundreds of millions in yearly revenue. This felt more right to me.

I think sometimes we lose sight that people have choices. We give a discount thinking that we are losing. We share thinking that someone is taking something from us. In reality, the opposite is true. When we share, we actually receive. We earn clients. We make a sale that could have gone elsewhere.

At MyCOM we invite businesses to share with us. Some are hesitant thinking that they will lose profit. No, that is the wrong way to see things. You will gain a sale. Okay, so maybe you didn't make $30 but instead make $27, but you made $27 versus not making a sale at all. And most likely thanks to the MyCOM sharing model, that client will keep coming back and even tell others.

Over the years in business, I learned that truly, "Greed ins't good, sharing is better!" I hope you all discover this principle not just as a concept that we think is good with our families, and friends, but truly is a good business principle as well!

I promise that nobody every lost a customer being generous. Try it out. Share and see what good comes of it. By Jaime Villagomez - CEO MyCOM Global